Musician, Songwriter,  Actor, Producer

It was evident from a early age that the calling of ministry was on Minister Anthony Douglas, who being a native son of Jackson Springs North Carolina.

At the tender age of 6, was brought to live in High Point North Carolina with an Aunt and Uncle where he would learn about God's plan  for his life and the possibillities of what could be?

He would take a strong interest in music simply because he was always surrounded by soulful sounds.

On July 4th 1990 that faithful day, God saved him and his life has never been the same!!

Being obedeint to the Spirit of God on August 28th 1994, he began a new chapter in his life.

God would call him into the ministry of evangelism, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to preach teach and demonstrate the love of God,

As God would establish him as a renewed leader of worship, Anthony knew that his assignment, wasen't just to sing but to impart into the people of God, the Sprirt of worship that could only been given through the Spirit of God.

Being responcible for several diffrent projects dealing with youth, he would establish such groups as; Men of Promise, PurpoZe, Uthful Nation, Nu-Anointing and my personal favorite the incomparable Zeal.

On January 7th 2001, Anthony Douglas Ministries was Birthed and with dedication, determination trial and era, God woul;d anoint him with understanding the gift of musicianship.

And through God's direction Minister Douglas has had the most incredible of oppertunities to serve as a musician and praise and worship leader under the leadership of God's most anointed leaderships such as; Apostle DL Hunter of The Love Cathedral Church World Headquters of TLC Ministries in Jamestown, North Carolina for over 31 years as a worship leader.

And being faithful to God's assignment and plan when his season was up at TLC Ministries, the Lord sent him to Hallelujah Full Gospel Baptist Church In High Point North Carolina where  he would work faithfully for nthe next 15 years under the host Pastor George D. Steele Sr.

On Feburary 7th 2015, Minister Douglas would lead The Hallelujah Baptist Church to there first live recording ever entitled "Wait On The Lord".


                             Minister Douglas Quotes:

I have gone through many up's and downs for the greater good of ministry,  and God has anointed me with a gift to share with the world.

And my desire is to see God's people be inspired by my obedience to serve him.

I just don't want to just make good music, but to be able to take this vehicle of worship to speak to the massess about Jesus.

So that the world may know that Jesus saves and he loves you.

On Feburary 5th 2011 he recorded the hit project intitled "Through The Eyes of a Worshipper"  in honor of his late mother's birthday.

 High Point Interprise wrote this article about him: Minister Anthony Douglas  has wrote many songs of worship and praise that has been a blessing to so many people all over the world for many years.

His zeal to obey God in his writings overwhems him in  dreams causeing him to win sevrel indepindent awards such as 2005 Spirit of Excellents Award artist of the year just to name a few.

He quotes: my vision is growth expantion and soul winning to the Kingdom of God.

Minister Douglas has shared the stage with such Gospel Greats as; The Late Slim and The Supreme Angels, Darrell McFaddan and The Diciples, BoPete and Good  News, Luther Burnes and The Sunset Jubelees, The Anointed Jackson Stisters, The McDonald Sisters, The Gospel Legends, Ronica and The Mighty Blazing Stars, Troy Sneed and The Renissane Choir, Paul Porter of The Christainaires just to name a few..........

Anthony Douglas